TErm 3 Ends

 Term 3 has ended with a few special events. Wednesday was especially busy as we celebrated Catholic Schools' Day with Bishop Steve live streaming Mass from Hamilton. In the afternoon Jacob, Marlo, Claudia and Grace turned into roving reporters and interviewed staff and children about what their school means to them. They did an awesome job -check it out on our Facebook Page if you haven't already. Also on Wednesday we held our Speech and Poetry Competition.  Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups on the day - Kristiana, Mackenzie, Joel, Shylah, Siyona, Marlo, Claudia and Emmalouise. There were some difficult choices to make in the Year 4 category this year so well done to everyone who put the effort in. Special mention must be made of Joel Crockett and Kristiana Hutchesson who came 4th & 5th respectively overall. We've also been very creative with our Paper Bag puppets...some children keen to make more than one! Using different paper construction techniques

Back to School

  A S you have heard, school is reopening on Thursday with rules in place to keep everyone safe. There will be plenty of sanitizer on hand and safe distancing as much as we can in the classroom. Can you please return any reading materials and children's work books on Thursday or Friday. As parents are advised not to go into classrooms unless it's necessary, please text me if you have any concerns or queries. Our first two days back will be all about catching up with what children have been doing and easing back into work, including some practical Art and Science. We'll replace the Zoom sessions with face-to-face lessons! If children have anything to share, please encourage them to bring along on Thursday. Thank you. Linda Hughes

Week 7

 Morning to everyone as we begin another week of Lockdown. Hopefully getting back to school is not too far away. Meanwhile I hope you are all doing OK juggling schoolwork with your own jobs.  I have set up Maths, Literacy and RE work to get children started for this week. As our Speech Finals were supposed to happen this week they will now be postponed until when children return. Look out for Zoom meetings this week which will be mainly learning sessions targeted to groups of children and particular topics rather than the whole class.  If you need hard copy material or any other help, please let me know. If you have pictures of what your family has been doing that you'd like to share in our blog, please send to me. Stay Safe  Ka kite ano.
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Rainy Day Activities

  Hi it's our first really wet day here are some suggestions for rainy day activities: Make Dad a Father's Day card or surprise him with a home made present. Mix up some salt dough to create some characters and make up a story. You might turn it into a digital story to share with your class. Make a rain catcher. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle, invert and place it back in the bottle. Then make a dipstick from a wooden spoon. Measure and draw out 1 cm spaces. Pop some food colouring into the bottle so you can easily see the water level.  Collage Art - collect interesting bits of paper from around the house, including old magazine pictures. Create a picture by overlapping pieces on a blank piece of card or paper. Or play the Memory Game. HAVE FUN but remember to clean up your mess children.
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Hi now I've heard from most of you -Studyladder Passwords being the most common request. Three children joined our class Zoom meeting yesterday and another two today. I'll hold another one next week on Monday or Tuesday but give you more notice this time. Children can join for 10 minutes - if they have something to share that helps conversation -it's just about connecting at the moment. There are some good online learning websites - if you go to the Literacy and Maths pages on the Class Blog you can access them there. I have added a Topic Page where children can find Science activities and our current topic. I'm currently working on Google Classroom activities which can be used for Year 5's but others may want to give it a go too. An email account would be set up for your child and this would allow them to take more responsibility for their own learning. There's a Paralympics Choiceboard to get them started.  If parents would like Hard Copy material