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This week is Social Justice Week. Watch some videos, read Scripture and find out about the Beatitudes and how true happiness comes through being Jesus for others.

13th-19th September

Click on this link for prayers, videos and activities around the theme of God's Creation. You could begin with Pope Francis' message to us all in the video Laudato Si

Today's Hail Mary using Sign Language is awesome. Later in the week try the Earth Cubes.

                                                                                    Thanks to Christchurch RE Advisers

Try to say a prayer each day, watch the video about St Vincent de Paul
and think about what you could do to help the poor and lonely in Waihi.
Your family might want to donate some food during or after Lockdown.
Or you may know someone who needs help and
ask our St Vincent de Paul Group to help them. 
You could make a card for someone on their own
to cheer them up.


Prayer Challenge

Here is a Prayer & Witness Challenge your children can participate in as part of their RE this week.

The theme is Gratitude and Attitude

Thanks to Dianne Porter our RE Adviser

Grandparents' Mass

When: 9:00 am Thursday 29th July

Where: St Joseph's Church

What: Mass followed by Morning Tea

and a wander around classrooms

Who: Grandparents

(Parishioners/family friends may be adopted for the day)

Parents please send along a plate of food to share.

You are welcome to join us.

Solidarity Day-Thursday 25th March


This Thursday is Solidarity Day -a day when we remind ourselves that we are all one people looking out for each other. We would like each child/family to bring a gold coin donation for Caritas or a basic food item which we will pass on to St Vincent de Paul’s Group for the needy in Waihi.

Most children will be having rice for lunch which will be provided for them. This year a few lucky children will receive a rich person’s lunch ticket while others will get a ticket for an ‘average’ person’s lunch. In this way we hope to get the message across that within each country there are rich and poor. How we treat each other is what makes the difference. This will be explained to the children before they receive their tickets.

We ask that you send your children with a simple morning tea but not any lunch. They will also need a plastic bowl and a spoon. Everyone will be offered rice. Average and rich ticket holders will also be given butter chicken. Muffins and fruit also will be offered to the ‘rich’ children. This experience always brings lots of questions and discussion – you may want to ask your children how it went for them and talk about how we can make our world a fairer place for all.

Through this experience we hope the children will gain a greater awareness of poverty and also the uneven distribution of resources which exist today -in New Zealand as well as globally.


Linda Hughes



Lent is a time of preparation for the season of Easter. It begins with Ash Wednesday and lasts for 6 weeks or 40 days. Before Jesus started his ministry of teaching he went out into the desert for 40 days. He spent the time in prayer and fasting. For us also it is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Nowadays it is less rigid but the emphasis is on reflecting on what it getting in the way of our relationship with God. Just as Jesus was tempted in the desert, so are we often caught up in bad habits or choices. Lent is therefore a chance to look at ourselves and try to change our ways, to become closer to Jesus and to share what we have with others.

Month of the Rosary/Mission Month


October is known as Mission Month and is also dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. 

Praying the Rosary helps children to pray and meditate. Through Mary we can place our special intentions and meditate on the Joyful, the Sorrowful, the Glorious and the Luminous mysteries of the rosary.  

To pray a decade a day: The Sign of the Cross followed by Our Father (once); Hail Mary (x10); Glory Be to the Father; Sign of the Cross to finish.

Mission Month 
Here is a NZ website to find out more about the work of the Missions in New Zealand 

This website is especially about how children can participate in missionary life - Children helping Children.

Catholic Social Teaching Principles Overview 

Tirohanga Whanui ki nga Akoranga Papori Katorika 

DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE | TE TIKA KA TOHAINA Everyone should have access to their fair share of resources. 

HUMAN DIGNITY | TE MANA I TE TANGATA We are beautifully made in the image and likeness of God. 

PREFERENTIAL OPTION FOR THE POOR AND VULNERABLE | HE WHAKAARO NUI MO TE HUNGA RAWAKORE The needs of the poor and vulnerable should be put first. 

SOLIDARITY | WHAKAWHANAUNGATANGA God created us as one global family called to support our brothers and sisters. 

COMMON GOOD | HE PAINGA MA TE KATOA We are called to work for the good of each and of all. 

PARTICIPATION | NAU TE ROUROU, NAKU TE ROUROU We all have the right and duty to participate fully in society. 

SUBSIDIARITY | MANA WHAKAHAERE We are called to empower communities, to let everyone have a say. 

STEWARDSHIP | KAITIAKITANGA We are kaitiaki of God’s creation, living sustainably and enhancing the well-being of our planet. 

PROMOTION OF PEACE | TE WHAKATAIRANGA I TE RANGIMARIE We can be God’s instruments of peace through seeking justice. 

Each year the Catholic Bishops of New Zealand set aside a week in

September for Social Justice Week, inviting us to reflect and take action on a

current social justice issue. The title of the Caritas resources for 2020 is As Easy as CST:Unlocking the Church’s Potential (CST - Catholic Social Teaching).

If you would like to know more see

We will explore some of these issues in class as part of the Church Strand.

This Wednesday afternoon  9th September we will be helping out in our community with Clean Up Week by picking up litter around our school and at Lake Gilmour - a good example  of Stewardship -looking after our environment - and Participation - taking an active part in social action.


Our Fruit of the Week is Faithfulness. Faithfulness is about doing what is right -tika - all the time eg doing homework without being told, saying prayers each day, being reliable with duties.

Our Baptism programme is held on  Friday. Interested parents are welcome to come along and meet with Fr Aidan over at the church at 2:00 pm.

This Friday we are attending Mass at 9:00 am with the parish on the Feast of Maximilian Kolbe. Maximilian was a Polish Catholic priest who joined the Franciscan friars and had a special devotion to Our Lady. He gave up his life while in a German Concentration Camp during WW2 in place of another man who had a family. 

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: This day celebrates the mystery that the Virgin Mary was taken into heaven body and soul. This was declared a doctrine of faith by Pope Pius XII in 1950. Mary’s assumption into heaven is also the patronal feast of the Catholic people in New Zealand. In other words, she is the Patron saint of New Zealand and 15th August is her feast day.

Our Fruit of the Week this week is PEACE. Peaceful people are gentle with others, not using harsh words and remaining calm when conflict arises. They are the peacemakers who find resolutions to problems in a way that is kind and fair to all.


Thank you to all the grandparents for coming along to our Grandparents’ Mass and to our parents for your support and contributions for Morning Tea. Last Sunday’s Mass was the story of Feeding the Five Thousand...although we didn’t have that number, the generosity exemplified in that story was evident in our school community - and appreciated by the children who got to have the leftovers. Staff were also impressed by the children’s manners on the day, so well done to you all.

Our Fruit of the Week this week is JOY. Joyful people are cheerful and positive, even when things go wrong. They see the good in others and appreciate God’s world. These people always have a smile to share and are fun to be around.

Friday is Pompellier House’s Mufti Day.  Bishop Pompallier was the first NZ bishop and was responsible for bringing out our early missionaries, including the Sisters of Mercy whom our school was founded by.

Grandparents' Mass

When: Friday 31st July

Where: St Joseph's Church 

Who: Grandparents and Parents

 To celebrate grandparents near the Feast Day of Jesus' grandparents 

Anne and Joachim

on July 26th.

We'd love to see you. Mass followed by 

Morning Tea and 'Grandparent Games'

in Room 6.

Prayer Assembly this week continued the theme of God’s love for us and his gift of our world. Pope Francis urges us to look after our environment so that future generations can enjoy it. Last week, Allie from Zero Waste talked to classes about practical ways we can reduce, resume and recycle. Children are very aware of the need to look after our environment. But knowing it is a gift from God makes it doubly important to put words into action.. in our school and at home and make our world a better place.

Please continue to pray for a cure for the virus sweeping the globe, and for unity in our world to prevent the flow of illness among our poorest and most vulnerable.

Our School Mass centered on the theme of God's love for us - on of the most important messages our children need to hear and appreciate. We know God loves us because He sent his only Son Jesus on earth to live among us.... sacrificing him to death then  raising him to new life. That love was revealed by Jesus in his ministry. He healed the sick, looked after the poor, fed the hungry and reached out to the outcasts. In this way, he was also setting an example for all of us. So now we are called to love others as God loves us. The Holy Spirit is our helper and guide to carry on this mission of love and sharing the Good News. 

Have you thought about baptism for your child/children? Fr Aidan is inviting you to a meeting to find out more. Let us know if you are interested.

Sunday Mass at St Joseph’s is at 9:00 am. 
Linda Hughes


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